Hebden Bridge Twinning Society

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Hebden Bridge Twinning Society exists to promote and develop social, cultural, educational, recreational, economic and municipal links between Hebden Bridge and District and local communities in other countries. The Society aims to make a positive contribution to the furtherance of peace and understanding between nations.

La société de jumelage de Hebden Bridge existe pour promouvoir et développer des liens sociaux, culturels, éducatifs, récréationnels, économiques et municipaux entre Hebden Bridge et des communautés locales dans d'autres pays. La société vise à apporter une contribution positive à la promotion de la paix et de l’entente entre les nations.

Die "Hebden Bridge Twinning Society" wurde gegründet, um die sozialen, kulturellen, pädagogischen, freizeit- und bildungsrelevanten, wirtschaftlichen und kommunalen Beziehungen von Hebden Bridge und Umgebung mit Städten in anderen Ländern zu entwickeln und voranzutreiben.

Das Ziel der Gesellschaft ist, einen positiven Beitrag für einen beständigen Frieden und und Verständnis der Nationen untereinander zu leisten.

Latest events

Our Twin/Friendship Towns



Our first visit to a possible friendship town - Paratico in Brescia, Italy - was very interesting. We hope to arrange cultural and sporting exchanges in the future.

  • St Pol sur Ternoise and Warstein

  • Blatna, Golegã and Pietrapaola

Planned twinning activities

Informal visits to St Pol and Warstein are being planned for 2017 and 2018

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Welcome to twinning in Hebden Bridge

During the last 12 months we have celebrated 50 years of twinning with St Pol and 20 with Warstein. For full descriptions of all the events click here.

The Jubilee Weekend in Warstein (27th to 30th May) was a great success and we all enjoyed our stay very much. A hightlight was a wonderful benefit concert organised by Warstein with the band from the Royal Logistics Corps to raise funds for flood relief in Hebden Royd.  Click here for more information. 

After some discussion it was agreed that the money raised (equivalent to £2,000) would be donated to the Hebden Bridge Junior Band who had suffered severe flood damage. Mayor Tony Hodgins and our President David Parry presented the cheque to the band on the evening of Thursday 7th July. Click here for more information.