Hebden Bridge Twinning Society

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History of twinning in Hebden Bridge.



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The history of twinning in Hebden Bridge and the district around it (Hebden Royd) began with early school exchanges between Yorkshire and Lille. Eventually David Wardell from the education authorities in Yorkshire proposed that Hebden Bridge should twin with St Pol sur Ternoise. The successful twinning agreement in 1979/1980 led to the formation of what was then called the European Group in Hebden Bridge. Ruth Ryder became the Group's Secretary and spearheaded twinning activities for many years.    

President -         David Parry

Vice-President - Mike Edwards

Secretary -         Jane Jackson

Treasurer -         Eleanor Ross

Communications Officer -    Jane Jackson

Calderdale Twinning Liaison Officer – Charlotte Palethorpe

HBTS Twin Links Committee Representatives –            Jane Jackson, Michael Newton (in reserve).

HRTC Twinning Committee -         David Parry, Mike Edwards, Jane Jackson.

The annual fee for membership is £10. This entitles members to attend business meetings of the Twinning Group and pay a reduced charge for activities such as visits to twin towns.






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