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Celebration of the first 50 years of twinning between St Pol and Warstein - Jubiläumfestwochenende. 

The celebrations of the first 50 years of twinning between St Pol sur Ternoise and Warstein continued in St Pol between the 8th and 10th May 2015. The programme included a visit to Notre Dame de Lorette to see the new memorial to all the dead of the 1st World War who fell in the departments of the Nord and Pas de Calais. At the heart of the celebration was the reaffirmation of the charter of twinning between St Pol and Warstein.

Following the initial celebration in May, the main event in regard to the 50th anniversary of the original twinning of St Pol and Warstein took place in Warstein on the 30th and 31st August. Our friends in Warstein worked hard to make the event both successful and enjoyable.

Reaffirmation by Hebden Royd of their charters of twinning with St Pol and Warstein August 2015.

An epic day at Blackshaw Head Fete on September 3rd 2016 was saturated with rain but full of the best of spirits.

Initial friendship visit from  Paratico (Brescia, Italy).

Deputy Mayor Mariella Smiroldo & Councillor Leda Liborio from Paratico visited Hebden Bridge on the 11th to the 12th October to discuss frienship links such as youth exchanges. Click on the yellow button for a report.