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Official celebration of the 25th anniversary of twinning between Warstein & Hebden Royd in Hebden Bridge: Post Covid, this is now planned for the evening of the 28th to the 31st July.

Official celebration of the 40th anniversary of twinning between Hebden Royd & St Pol in Hebden Bridge: Postponed - new date to be confirmed

55th anniversary of twinning between Warstein & St Pol in St Pol: Provisionally postponed to the 24th to 26th September 2021


25th anniversary of twinning between Warstein & Hebden Royd in Warstein: To be confirmed

Paratico Summer Camp: Cancelled due to Covid


Cheese & Wine Evening at Chris Dellen/John Stewart's has been postponed


July 2020- Mytholmroyd Gala cancelled


2021 - Date to be confirmed for a tri-partite social event between Hebden Royd, St Pol and Warstein.


2021 -   Maureen Dean's Cream Tea 2020 - to be rearranged in the future

                    Blackshaw Head Fete - to be confirmed at some point in the future


Business meetings currently on zoom. Date of the next meeting to be confirmed

2021 AGM - 8th November - possibly still on zoom.

New Year Lunch - May be possible in January 2022