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Hebden Bridge Twinning Society

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Hebden Bridge Twinning Society exists to promote and develop social, cultural, educational, recreational, economic and municipal links between Hebden Bridge and District and local communities in other countries. The Society aims to make a positive contribution to the furtherance of peace and understanding between nations.

La société de jumelage de Hebden Bridge existe pour promouvoir et développer des liens sociaux, culturels, éducatifs, récréationnels, économiques et municipaux entre Hebden Bridge et des communautés locales dans d'autres pays. La société vise à apporter une contribution positive à la promotion de la paix et de l’entente entre les nations.

Die "Hebden Bridge Twinning Society" wurde gegründet, um die sozialen, kulturellen, pädagogischen, freizeit- und bildungsrelevanten, wirtschaftlichen und kommunalen Beziehungen von Hebden Bridge und Umgebung mit Städten in anderen Ländern zu entwickeln und voranzutreiben.

Das Ziel der Gesellschaft ist, einen positiven Beitrag für einen beständigen Frieden und und Verständnis der Nationen untereinander zu leisten.

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Our Twin/Friendship Towns



Covid has dominated the last 18 months plus for the HBTS as for everybody. However. we have kept in touch with our twin towns throughout!

St Pol sur Ternoise and Warstein

Blatna, Paratico and Pietrapaola

Hebden Bridge
p View Down Valley 2

Welcome to twinning in Hebden Bridge

In 2020 we have should have celebrated 40 years of twinning with St Pol and 25 with Warstein. Hopefully these celebrations should take place in 2022

Due to the impact of COVID 19 the official visits from our twin towns have been postponed until 2022. Hopefully St Pol will be with us between the 26th and the 29th May, and Warstein between the 5th and the 7th August.

On Sunday 22nd August the HBTS Garden Party took place at Chris Dellen and John Stewart's from 1400 to 1600 hours. Click here for more information.

On Saturday 4th September we had a stall at Blackshaw Head Fete. Many thanks to Pat Fraser, Ingrid Burney, Val Stevens and Anna Warwood for their help! Click here and here for pictures

On Monday 8th November at 2000 hours our AGM will take place at the Stubbing Wharf. There should also be an option to join us by zoom. It is especially important this year that as many people as possible attend!

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St Pol en Ternoise





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