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The history of Blatna

Blatna is at the heart of the beautiful region of South Bohemia where thanks to a location at the centre of various trade routes economic activity flourished from at least the 6th century AD. However this same location all to often meant that they were at the centre of major political events. Rivalry between noble families and the rulers of Bohemia in the 12th century  led to the foundation of many towns and castles including castle Blatna. However it was the Hussite movement in the 15th century and its suppression by the Catholic church  and the 30 years war in the 17th century that had the most devastating effect on the region. Despite this, developments in agriculture, brewing and fish farming allowed the area to flourish again and in the 19th century economic and and cultural life flourished. This was cut short by the Sudetanland crisis in the 1930s and subsequent invasion by Hitler; only to be followed after the 2nd world war by the imposition of the Iron Curtain.

Blatna today

Friendship history

The very isolation of South Bohemia after the 2nd world war meant that the area remained relatively unspoilt and retained its natural beauty and historic landmarks. Since the tumultous event of 1989 with the fall of the Iron Curtain the area has been developed but with due regard to its potential for upmarket tourism.

The original contacts with Blatna arose from Calderdale's decision in 1992 to twin with the district of Strakonice in the Czech Republic. This led to Hebden Bridge's first friendship visit to Blatna shown in the picture to the right. The town of Blatna was then a part of Strakonice though this is no longer the case.

Blatná Castle
Castle Corner
s DSCN0996
Group on Castle Steps

Blatna Castle detail

The town square in Blatna

With our friends in Blatna

Blatna Castle

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