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The history of Warstein

The first reference to Warstein in history was in 1072. Situated in Sauerland the town was part of  the arcbishopric of Cologne until 1902. Economic development in the middle ages was enhanced by their membership if the Hanseatic League. A serious fire in 1802 destroyed a large part of the town and led to the rebuilding of the original town centre.In the 19th century industry grew rapidly initially primarily based on timber and metal working - but not forgetting the famous Warsteiner Brewery (founded in 1753)!  Today Warstein is part of the district of Soest in the state of North Rhine Westphalia. Since 1975 it now also officially includes the 8 surrounding districts such as Belecke & Hirschberg.

Warstein today

Today Warstein is an attractive town offering many interesting sights and activities both in the town itself and in the beautiful surrounding countryside. There is a rich cultural life especially where music is concerned . The international Montgolfiade (hot air balloons) is a wonderful spectacle while the annual Warsteiner beer festival and Warsteiner Champions Trophy (horse riding) have much to offer. Economically Warstein benefits from large employers like the Warsteiner brewery and AEG but also from the range of smaller companies engaged in wood working, metal working, the energy sector and electro/electronics.   The town is also a popular holiday area offering, among other things, watersports, walking and, in winter, cross country skiing. There is plenty of accommodation and camping available. Other places of interest include caves that have stalactites, a wildlife park and nearby the Moehnesee and the Moehne Dam.

School exchanges since 1980 and the existing twinning relationship with St Pol sur Ternoise (twinned with Warstein since 1964) led to the first signature of a twinning agreement between Hebden Royd and Warstein in Hebden Bridge. It was in March 1996 that this "triangular" relationship was finalised with a signing ceremony in Warstein. Since then friendships have developed and many visits have taken place between the two towns. This has also led directly to Warstein's twin Pietrapaola in Calabria becoming a friendship town with Hebden Bridge.  

Hebden Bridge Twinning Society

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Twinning history

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